If You Could Save Just One empowers youth and their families to write their own stories. We provide afterschool, mentorship, and reentry programs that promote resilience and community. 


We engage youth in exciting kinetic learning opportunities that don’t feel like school. By building their math, science, technology, and creative skills and interests, we are providing a bridge that helps with educational and vocational opportunities by increasing their interests and options for their career paths.


  • People feel connected to each other, resources, and purpose, and that connection helps break down barriers

  •  Youth most impacted are welcome and served

  • Institutions are more aware of the needs of youth & families

  • People feel safe to ask questions, explore, and be vulnerable

  • People increase their protective factors

  • Families know how to access the resources they need

  • At-risk youth understand their value and purpose

  • Youth and families open up to get help

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Contact us

 E-mail: info@ifyoucouldsavejust.org 

‪Call or text: (208) 254-0493‬                                 
Mailing Address: P.O Box 7393, Spokane WA, 99207